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Responsibilities of an executor

JHGRSS1 300x225As Benjamin Franklin once said 'in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes'.

Thinking of selling?

Johnathon Hanaghan 300x225Happy new year to you all! I hope 2015 will be a prosperous year for you.

Preparing for the end of financial year

Tony-Rossiter-2 300x226As we wind up another calendar year it's time we in the accounting profession start to look forward to the end of financial year in June. With many accommodation business operators (particularly in the leisure sector) enjoying improved returns from the increased activity, it's important not to lose sight of the tax implications of creating those extra profits.

Are you ready for the tax man?

Johnathon Hanaghan 1 300x225Every year from 1 July all Australian resident tax payers need to provide the deputy commissioner of taxation with a compliant tax return declaring all amounts of assessable income and the associated expenses they have incurred in earning this income.

Financial strategies for small business operators

Tony-Rossiter-12 300x226The start of a new financial year should encourage new strategies to be developed for the year ahead.

Federal budget – what does it mean for the accommodation sector?

Tony-Rossiter-12 300x226Federal treasurer Joe Hockey has handed down the government's first budget, confirming a number of previously announced measures.

Selling your small business: the tax concessions

Jonathan HanaghanToday I will be discussing what most of you will be wondering when contemplating selling your small business.

Planning to beat the taxman!

Tony-Rossiter-12 300x226How time flies, less than two months to go to the end of another financial year. To most people Christmas comes in December each year, but get your tax planning right, and your Christmas can come early.

Top tax planning Strategies

RN211-Hanaghan-HS 266x200With 30 June just around the corner I thought it prudent to discuss some valid tax minimisation strategies.

What’s so super about self managed super?

Self Managed SuperWelcome to part two of our series on superannuation. In this article we explore self-managed superannuation. Self-managed super funds are now the largest and fastest growing segment of the super industry and are increasingly used in the acquisition of accommodation assets.

So what’s so super about superannuation?

IPiggyBankncreasingly superannuation is becoming more important, as we inevitably edge closer to retirement superannuation increases in relevance.

Business Structures and Protecting Your Assets From Business Failure

AN55-4-MGT-BuildingThe right business vehicle for you. Semi-trailers are not used for fast food home delivery, nor are motor scooters used to transport heavy machinery.

Queensland state budget review

QLD State Budget 2013The Queensland government delivered its 2013–2014 Queensland state budget on 4 June 2013 promising growth, rebuilding and resilience but framed by multi-billion-dollar hits from falling revenue and natural disasters.      

Federal budget review

Australian Dollar  CashThe federal treasurer, Wayne Swan, handed down his sixth federal budget on 14 May. The 2013–2014 federal budget could be described as a moderate one in the context of the current budget deficit of $18 billion.

Are you missing out on tens of thousands of dollars?

Australian MoneyMeeting with your accountant to consider your tax planning strategies each year is just smart business sense.

The many hats of resident managers

AN48-4-By-All-Accounts-1Resident managers wear many hats in the management rights industry – here we focus on four of those: marketing and financial; occupancy – tenants/guests; facility management and day-to-day operations; and administration and risk management.

Director penalty regime, superannuation changes and FBT

Blank-ManThe new Director Penalty Regime came into place in June 2012. It once and for all clears up any suggestion that a director can have a passive involvement in a company.