Hi Tech Signage Makes Life Easy

Hi_Tech_Signage1Wrest Point Tasmania, Australia’s first casino has installed state of the art BluFi digital signage technology. Digital signage refers to customisable displays that deliver targeted content such as directions and advice to conference and property attendees.

Wrest Point electronic gaming manager, Bob Harris said this BluFi technology was installed over the last twelve months and is proving to be very effective.

“We developed a new ‘directional’ sign format. This plasma display is in a portrait mode and is run from a dedicated server/PC connected to a proprietary media distribution box. This has replaced an old LED display in the main foyer of the hotel and is contained within a custom-built blackwood frame. It gives daily direction and advice to conference and event attendees and includes software that allows full control from the concierge desk.”

BluFi’s Christine Stacey said, “The directional signage in Wrest Point has provided a unique style of visual for the foyer allowing the casino to have the ability for flexibility regarding their events and directions in the hotel and casino. When using the portrait TV style, they were able to build their own custom made casing which suited their branding and corporate image. This allowed the hotel to tailor make the signage to their needs.”


The content shown on the technology whether it is directions or information, is commonly known as a show. A show is constructed from a series of events to produce a constant looping display. These shows can consist of full motion video, animation, pictures and text.

Previews of the show that is to be aired on the digital signage mediums can be previewed on a PC beforehand and a standard web browser or QuickTime software is all that is required to edit the show.

“It is connected onto the local network of the casino, which means that the changes to the signage can be made from any local networked computer which gives flexibility to day to day management.

“With our support they can also make changes and resolve any technical problems quickly. We have remote access to the signage so we can load up fresh content whenever requested and load down up to date daily up dates of sport, entertainment, news, weather and finance which is an added visual and informative feature for the hotels guests while waiting in the foyer area,” Christine said.

Changing a show does not require the show to be stopped for editing as updates can be done whilst the show is live and only takes a few minutes ensuring the content is constantly up to date. All shows and events can be scheduled to play at a selected time or range of times and dates.

The media player that controls the digital signage system should be kept separate from the local network and connected directly to a PC isolated via a cross over cable. This allows other channels such as television, music videos and Keno games to air on other mediums throughout a complex.

“The technology of the installation allows us to simply talk to the software and change the content on a regular basis. It also allows immediate response to down time. We can assess the software status straight away and fix.


“The next stage that is now available is wireless communication to the media player which allows for a cordless installation. There is a WIFI card in the media player which connects wirelessly to the venues router and wireless network,” Christine said.

Bob said Wrest Point has more than 30 different channels being delivered throughout the complex via a central MATV system.

“Wrest Point has 269 rooms, five restaurants, five bars and three gaming areas containing gaming machines and gaming tables. We also have various conference and meeting rooms therefore we currently distribute television and media content through a number of forms.

"Through the central MATV system we have two streams of content delivering through cable over 30 channels to monitors, plasmas and LCDs throughout the complex. This system delivers a dedicated movie channel, free to air, Austar sport and Austar movie channels as well as the Keno channel.”

Christine said, “The technology has also allowed the venue to do away with cumbersome signage changes by staff, eliminates spelling mistakes and incorrect information as it can be changed on site straight away.

"It also allows corporate branding and logos and visuals to be loaded onto the signage for any in house functions and special corporate guests. This brings a unique flavor to the hotel’s foyer and a competitive edge.”

The same technology as the digital signage system has been used to create another channel within the MATV at Wrest Point.

“Through this additional channel we distribute promotional information throughout the building. The system can handle high-resolution video images as well as the more standard static pictures. This will be expanding in the immediate future to four channels and will allow us to replace the traditional light boxes with digital signage. Through this we can tune any monitor in the building to one of these channels allowing us to more dynamically get the information we want into the areas we want it,” Bob said.

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