Hummock Hill still on hold 7 years on

The planned $950 million Hummock Hill Island tourist resort would have a massive impact on the Gladstone region – but it is the impact it might have on the coastal eco-system that will decide if it even gets off the ground, according to The Observer.

The proposed project is seven years behind schedule and now appears at a standstill while state and federal government departments decide whose move it is next.

Poject manager John Kelly, of Pacificus Tourism Project, is still optimistic.

In 2011, a state government coordinator-general’s report said the project would bring in $65 million in tourism. The Queensland government has since approved the project.

The proposed resort on Hummock Hill Island, 30km south-east of Gladstone, includes a golf course, airstrip, hotel, residential homes, camping grounds, seaside cottages and bowling green.

The minister for state development, Anthony Lynham, said it was now awaiting approval from the Federal Department of the Environment. “The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has raised a number of issues with the Federal Department of the Environment regarding this project,” he told The Observer.

A spokesperson from the GBRMPA would not tell The Observer what issues they had with the development but did say they were only advising the DOE.

However, the Department of the Environment contradicted that view, saying the project was waiting on the state government.

Mr Kelly said when it came to coastal developments near the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, there could be no fixed time schedules. “We’re still optimistic (of getting the approval) or we wouldn’t still be pursuing the project,” he told The Observer.

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