Saturday, November 25, 2017

Graham Vercoe

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How secure are the Gold Coast games?

ISIS is shifting its focus towards ‘soft’ targets involving high tourist areas in western countries, so we are seeing an increasing tempo of small bombings, crude vehicle crowd rammings and lethal personal attacks, often ‘inspired’ by rather than ‘orchestrated’ by IS.

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Time for serious action, not talk

The horror of the Grenfell Tower inferno in London on June 14 jarred the high-rise community in Australia, bringing back memories of the Lacrosse Building conflagration in Melbourne back in 2014.

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QTIC’s idea to rort visitors angers industry

Tourism is booming. Visitors are flocking into Australia from everywhere. Domestic visitor arrivals have never been this good. Isn’t it fantastic? Yes, let’s tax them. That’s the Australian way – it seems. Fortunately, at last, federal and state governments are not buying into it. New moves are under way to slug hotel guests with a bed tax in Queensland to …

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States forced to face up to the sharing economy

New South Wales’ 45th premier Gladys Berejiklian was just a day into her new job when she was confronted by strata residents and owners’ corporations demanding the power to ban short-term letting of apartments through sharing platforms… …(like Airbnb, Stayz, Couchsurfing, Flipkey, HomeAway, Luxury Retreats (about to be swallowed up by Airbnb) and newly Accor-acquired Travel Keys), arguing the practice …

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Clear pathway to improved fire warning systems

Despite tragedies like the Childers Palace Backpacker’s hostel fire disaster on June 23, 2000, in which 15 backpackers perished, there are still accommodation providers that put the safety of their guests in dire peril. In June 2015, Queensland’s fire chief Katarina Carroll won a Supreme Court injunction to permanently shut down a budget accommodation fire trap in the Lockyer Valley, …

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FWO clampdown on sham contracting

Outsourcing of various aspects of an accommodation provider’s business can be a most productive way of managing expenditure and better appropriating management time while still maintaining a high level of guest service. This especially applies to housekeeping and, over the years, Resort News has published many articles that have analysed the pros and cons of outsourcing with frequently the pros …

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Difficult path to preventing Airbnb lets

Airbnb alone booked more than 80 million room nights in 2015 up from 40 million in 2014 and by the end of the year this will be a vastly higher figure. More than 100 million people worldwide have used Airbnb since the site was launched in 2008. These figures don’t include those that booked with HomeAway, Expedia’s Stayz, homestay and …

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Loyalty program retooling focusses on personalisation

With online travel agents winning the war on accommodation bookings worldwide, hotel companies are revisiting loyalty programs as another marketing tool in the hope that consumers will start booking direct. Many hotel operators are hamstrung with contracts with OTAs that limit their ability to undercut pricing, with the important exception of loyalty members. Loyalty programs have been a somewhat neglected …

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A realistic bonanza or expensive ego trip?

A challenge for the South East Queensland region to host the 2028 Olympic Games is, amazingly, progressing to its second stage. Brisbane’s lord mayor Graham Quirk is asking 11 SEQ mayors to collectively spend around $2.5 million of their ratepayers’ money on a detailed feasibility analysis that would “crystallise a case study for infrastructure” in the region. Among the mayors are …

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