Monday, February 19, 2018

Kim Armstrong-Fray

Tips: Superannuation

Superannuation Piggybank

There are many developments in super that businesses need to negotiate, and as the super industry continues to mature, further changes will also continue.

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Let your site sing for its’ supper!

Google Serch

Did you know: the world’s population is some seven billion; there are about six billion mobile phones; there are some four billion toilets; Australia has some seven million more mobile phones than there are people?

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Pet by-laws

Jack Russell

The Office for the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management continues to receive a steady stream of dispute resolution applications relating to the keeping of pets in lots in community titles schemes.

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Natural disasters – an opportunity to learn


Starting yet another year with significant flooding and storm damage to member’s and member client’s properties all over Queensland almost leaves that bitter taste on our palates that this is not the end of the disaster years yet.

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Commitment to training to ensure industry growth

ARAMA’s leadership group have committed to a five-year program to position Australia’s management rights industry to full and meet the expectation of density living operation in both the tourist and permanent complexes in Queensland and the rest of Australia.

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