Friday, January 18, 2019

PMS Marketing

Changing PMS provider: everything you need to know

I spoke to a property manager at a recent accommodation industry event about what is most important to them when it comes to PMS. I was expecting an answer along the lines of ‘cost-effectiveness’ but actually, they told me that the most important thing for them was ease-of-use. They wanted an interface that they could interact with as easily as they interact with their smartphone...

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Big revenue management: where the rubber meets the road with big data

Sure, big data can be a marketing powerhouse, helping reach the right guest at the right time. Is there anything more important, really? Yes! Reaching the right guest at the right time with the right rate. However, that rate should not only be the product of what the guest will pay (because this can lead to a hotel full of …

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What is content marketing?

An 82 wk3 hirum

Many people, particularly marketers within the property industry struggle to define the term content marketing and aren’t quite sure how to implement it in their own property marketing plans or strategies.

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Maximising Your Marketing Effort with Guest Data

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Today, more than ever, you need to connect and communicate with your guests who are caught in the fast-online-lane, with a smorgasbord of competition at their keyboard fingertips and a tough economy that has changed spending patterns on travel and accommodation.

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