Sunday, June 24, 2018


Rate management or lose profit?

Don’t you just love it? There was a time that a sandwich came with exciting fillings; sometimes sweet, sometimes savoury, and opening the bag at lunch time beheld many surprises. How many layers do we have today you might have pondered? A double decker, a triple decker, a Club? But not anymore! Now the only fillings in our sandwiches are …

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Use different ads for different audiences

Create different retargeting ads for different interests for maximum exposure and impact. Reap the maximum ROI from your retargeting efforts by using behavioural targeting, which means delivering different ads that are tailored to the visitor’s actual behaviour or action on your hotel direct website. This ensures you are not wasting marketing dollars chasing a meeting planner with an ad about …

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7 reasons your staff need the help of a channel manager

Across the hospitality and travel industry, technology continues to transform the way people do business. If your property is not adapting with the times, chances are you will be left in the dust as your competitors capture the most motivated and interested travellers from across the globe. One system that is absolutely essential is a channel manager. Here are 7 …

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