Monday, April 23, 2018


Netflix to expand hospitality services

Netflix and Enseo signed an agreement expanding the latter company’s rights to distribute the Netflix application on select devices to any hotel under a specific contract with Enseo in any country where the Netflix service is available. “Our partnership with Enseo brings Netflix members a high quality viewing experience on their hotel room TV,” said Paul Perryman, director business development …

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Augmented reality startups revolutionising tourism

Spoiler alert: we are not talking about Pokémon Go. We are talking about a new wave of apps designed to augment reality for a practical purpose, benefitting a variety of people within the industry from history-obsessed guests to design-loving hotel managers. Here are a few interesting app startups we noticed this month that present some exciting ideas for the future of …

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Want to increase your profits? optimise your distribution

New advances in technology continue to alter the relationship between hotels and guests. User-friendly mobile devices are changing travellers’ online preferences and habits, re-defining how they research, plan and book a trip. Empowered with more knowledge and social media, today’s hotel guest is pushing hotels for improved products and services for their travel experience. As a hotel manager, advances in …

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Direct bookings and small hotels: what technology do you need?

All hotels – both large and small – crave direct bookings. So what kinds of technology can help small hotels get more direct, commission-free bookings? Direct booking technology means technology that helps you to generate direct (commission-free) bookings. There are two essential pieces of technology to making this work. Your website Your guests’ experience with you starts long before they …

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How hotels can utilise technology to attract millennials

The popularity of Airbnb with Millennials has been well-documented, causing the hotel industry to rethink how it appeals to this travel-loving generation. Today, hotel brands are finding new ways to lure back this demographic, from focusing on localised design to providing unique, authentic experiences. In addition, a number of chains have started investing more heavily in technology and digital connectivity …

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