Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Highway to heaven

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Far North Queensland is the northernmost part of the state. This region, stretches from the city of Cairns, up north to the Torres Strait and to the Gulf Country in the west.

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A competitive market

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During the last few years or so motel accommodation has been under fire in predominantly larger regional centres from the influx of new high rise units that have been coming out of the ground left right and centre.

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Letting 150 apartments in 1 – 2 months

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The purpose of this article is to consider how the market responds to a large increase in supply and the Residential Tenancy Authority statistics do prove to be useful. The purpose is also to discuss some strategies that have been used in leasing up such volumes.

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Why buy a management rights business in NSW?


As a practicing accountant with years of experience, specialising in this industry, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight for you some of the reasons why I consider a management rights business (provided it is managed effectively) to be a sound commercial investment.

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Tips for Buying Motels


The benefits of motel ownership The benefits of buying a motel are numerous and each prospective motel owner has their own ideas of what interests them and what opportunities that they wish to pursue. It may be the quality and flexibility of lifestyle available, the high return on capital, potential for substantial capital gain, or a combination of all these..

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Wangaratta motel up for sale

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Victoria’s Advance Motel, prominently located on Wangaratta’s main thoroughfare a short distance from the city’s CBD, is on the market. Around 250 km from Melbourne and 620 km from Sydney, Wangaratta is a popular (and lucrative) ‘stopover’ point for all types of travellers.

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Tips for Training


Resident Manager’s Licence or Full Agent’s Licence? Resident managers have a few options available to them as far as licensing goes.

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