Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Human Resources

Limited service does not mean limiting your imagination

Long-term capital appreciation and on-going income, coupled with perceptive timing and commitment to success will ultimately make for a highly profitable return on investment. This is why hotel investors purchase limited service properties. But it does not mean that you have to limit everything that isn’t immediately suggested in this formula. One of the secrets to limited service property success …

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Bed bugs a growing downside of more frequent air travel

International and domestic travel has never been more accessible to tens of millions of people worldwide, but it is not only people that might be aboard aircraft, ships and other modes of transport. Insect pests can also be travelling undetected, with bed bugs the most likely to cause real problems in the accommodation industry. Once fairly reliable airport sprays are …

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Cost effective innovation appeals to customer wants and needs

At many of my training workshops, I often receive feedback from apartment-style operators suggesting their properties are – more often than not – viewed as long-stay options and they find it difficult to attract the short-term guest. One quick tip is to ensure that you offer the services that appeal to this market even if you don’t! For example, I recently arrived late at an apartment-style CBD property, and after travelling all day I was starving! My …

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Penalty rate decision by Fair Work Commission: Professor weighs in

The Fair Work Commission will shortly hand down its determination on a submission from employers for variations to clauses relating to penalty rates in a number of wards under the Modern Awards Review. Professor Ray Markey, IR expert and head of the Centre of Workforce Futures at Macquarie University, was part of the review process on the impending decision and …

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Sometimes guest satisfaction is as easy as saying hello

A basic greeting from hotel staffer to hotel guest can never go wrong. It’s easy; it’s fast; it’s a sign that you are always welcome. Even better would be to follow-up the salutation with a simple, “How are you?” or “Can I help you with anything?” And yet, at many establishments outside of the five-star or ultra-luxury snack bracket, the …

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Train your staff when to ask guests for online reviews

As an insider to the business side of the hotel industry, I certainly understand how important online guest reviews are to financial performance. While having positive customer feedback is vital to any business, it is especially important for a service business that is selling an intangible experience such as a hotel stay. Yet, as a guest, I find that when …

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