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Saturday, March 25, 2017
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3 quick wins to get your guests to commit to a hotel reservation

There’s nothing more frustrating for a hotel than when all their great marketing work pays off and huge traffic flows to their website, only to see a minimal increase in bookings. Driving as much traffic as possible is certainly important, but the harsh reality is most visitors abandon their booking. The general industry conversion rate on travel and hospitality websites …

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How can smaller hotel chains compete with mega chains?

Hotel guests are increasingly valuing the digital experience – often more than other amenities a hotel might offer – but how can smaller hotel chains implement the technology to compete with ‘mega chains’? Derrick Lee, VP global & vertical accounts at ALE, shares his view on how new developments in digital communications technology are enabling smaller hospitality companies to embrace …

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Why you should treat every guest like a “foodie”

Convey a richer experience by celebrating your remarkable and locally inspired F&B. After the financial recessions in the early 2000s and again in 2008, consumer behaviour shifted from consumption of expensive goods to an emphasis on enjoying life’s little experiences.

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The need for hotel careers in the face of the gig economy

As the gig economy continues to take hold in various industries, it is also changing how we think about our chosen line of work. The 9-to-5 office is eroding while working from home and working when you want behaviours are gaining widespread acceptance. The impacts for hotels are manifold.

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What have I bought?

I was recently asked to speak at a function where the attendees were predominantly resident managers who had purchased their businesses in the past one to three years. We at Mahoneys know from the amount of dispute resolution matters we are handling for such managers that many of them are struggling in their businesses. Prior to this speaking engagement, I …

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Your email promos are failing: change the subject

Craft email promo subject lines that entice readers to open! Smart hotel marketers know that marketing emails sent to targeted audiences are one of the best tools for driving direct bookings. However, those emails are worthless if they’re ignored or worse, swiftly deleted without being opened. There is only ONE way to amp up your email’s chances of being opened: Write …

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