Saturday, May 26, 2018


Have you got a privacy policy?

“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people al-ways demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.” So said David Brin, the award-winning American scientist and science fiction author.

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A happy landing for your website

A new twist from an old client on an old topic. What is the difference between a ‘home’ page and a ‘landing’ page? No, he did not want me to design a site for him but he had a new venture partner who was using terminology he did not understand. Therefore, could I please enlighten him even though his partner …

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Are you being followed by fakes?

Have we, as a society, taken things too far? Have we reached an unacceptable level of deception and indeed fraud on the internet? Is this another case of a minority destroying something that was of enormous benefit to mankind and relegating it to the ever growing junk pile evidencing our new society’s underlying desire to spoil and destroy? Is this …

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Become a unicorn…

It has dawned on me that I am becoming more and more important to most of those in the world I wish to deal with and it even appears to apply to the world at large as the days go on. Is this also happening to you? Every time I try to make a phone call I am answered by …

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Pass that word! How secure are your passwords?

Viruses! Ransomware! Webcams spying on users! Data bases being breached! It just goes on and on. Another 64 million personal details and passwords have been stolen and published on the web as I write. Now even the FBI admits that all their computers have their webcams taped over to prevent hackers from tracking users and their surrounds. I remind you …

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Don’t let this happen to you!

Life on the internet is becoming incredibly dangerous and, unless you stay alert, the consequences can be dire – as one of my acquaintances discovered. These good people had been in business for many years and were in the process of putting their business on the market. They arrived at their computer one morning only to discover that it displayed …

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Is one page enough?

How things have changed! Not only from the past to today, but the rate in which it continues to change, even as I write. The past, for the web, as we use and know it today started circa 1990. The question is for you to decide if your site is up-to-date. The design rules in those days were to have …

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Let your site sing for its’ supper!

Google Serch

Did you know: the world’s population is some seven billion; there are about six billion mobile phones; there are some four billion toilets; Australia has some seven million more mobile phones than there are people?

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