Thursday, August 17, 2017
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3 steps to finding the perfect resort wifi provider

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Are you constantly fielding complaints from guests who are fed up with the quality of your resort wifi? It can be frustrating when your resort’s reputation is hindered at the hands of your current internet provider but where do you begin in finding a new one?

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Are apps a fad or fact of life?

Mobile Apps

As accommodation professionals and hotel operators were just starting to get a handle on how to effectively engage with their customers on the plethora of social media platforms available, mobile apps have added a whole new dimension to the mix.

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The Smartest Smart Cat Owners


It is very reassuring to know many of you are smarter than your cat. I was delighted with the response after my last article’s suggestion you take advantage of sub-domain structures to arrange your mobile web site.

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Up the organisation! Part 2

Mike Butler TABOTP

In part 1 of Up the Organisation (that appeared in Accomnews in June), I mentioned my first ever “real” management job with Thomas Cook Travel in 1976 and also went on to mention the greatest book on management I had ever read – Up the Organisation by Robert Townsend, who led Avis Rent a Car to greatness in America in …

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Our political nightmare

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In the many columns I have written over the years, I have normally been careful to stay away from the three topics that have disrupted more pleasant dinner parties than all other subjects combined – sex, religion and politics!

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