Friday, December 15, 2017


Attributes of a good motel manager

amg39-HR-staff training 300x231

There has been a rapid growth over recent years in the number of motels throughout Queensland that are operated under management. This shift has in many cases been the result of motels being the type of business that suits this arrangement.

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Protect yourself

Exit Sign

Owners will know from media articles that the Queensland District Court made a find for damages in favour of a holiday tenant arising from the tenant’s use of common property facilities located on body corporate common property. The judge made orders that the body corporate and its building manager pay damages to the sum of $228,489.

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The year that was


The past year has been another roller coaster ride for many industries. For some it has been a good year and for others quite the opposite.

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All work and no play

Holiday Concept

I am writing this missive while sitting on the balcony of cabin A412 on the Sea Princess somewhere off the east coast of New Zealand.

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Flexible finance

Flexible Concept

We live in a world where corporations really believe that the consumer increasingly wants to be in the driver’s seat.

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Priced to thrill

205-hol hom-Terry Goodall

I was asked the other day about the pricing in holiday parks following an observation that these prices were increasing to the angst of some patrons and prospective guests. I was asked for the reasoning behind these increases.

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