Saturday, May 26, 2018


Don’t do your dough

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Nothing brings a subject into focus with greater clarity than having it happen to you! And so it was in my case when my wife advised me of a strange phone call she had just received. The call had almost certainly come from an off shore location because of the callers accent and control of English and because the call was …

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The two ‘V’s – Let’s get it right


In our daily routine of talking with potential vendors, the dreaded ‘V’ word – valuation – always comes up for discussion with many vendors cringing at the thought of a valuer putting a low price on the residence.  

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The NRAS Dilemma


Since the advent of the federal government’s initiative with the National Rental Affordability Scheme a couple of years ago, the management rights industry has been endeavouring to come to grips with its impact.

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