Friday, December 15, 2017


Watergate – the complete story


A number of articles in a variety of publications have covered the recent decision of the Victorian Court of Appeal involving the use of class 2 buildings for short term accommodation. Most of the articles, including those written by me, have been relatively brief, focussing on the points that are critical to our industry.

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Federal budget review

Australian Dollar Cash

The federal treasurer, Wayne Swan, handed down his sixth federal budget on 14 May. The 2013–2014 federal budget could be described as a moderate one in the context of the current budget deficit of $18 billion.

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Motel Sale Inspections


A potential buyer of a property/business often makes their decision to proceed with a purchase or opt out within the first five minutes of inspecting a motel/property.

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It’s all about Communicating


Aren’t you getting confused by the mass of information being thrown at you? About what information you should give to your guests and how this all fits in with your product, your marketing and business plans and how you operate?

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