Thursday, May 24, 2018


What’s so super about self managed super?

Self Managed Super

Welcome to part two of our series on superannuation. In this article we explore self-managed superannuation. Self-managed super funds are now the largest and fastest growing segment of the super industry and are increasingly used in the acquisition of accommodation assets.

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Relieving the building manager of sole responsibility


When you invest in a strata scheme, it’s inevitable that at one point or another, significant aspects of common property will need to be repaired or replaced – be it external painting, refurbishment of the main entrance foyer, replacing the roof membrane, the resurfacing of a pool and its immediate surrounds, major landscaping works, resurfacing of car parks and driveways …

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Tips for Superannuation


The 2015 Federal Budget released in May has introduced a number of changes affecting both employers and their staff. To help you understand the announcement, Hostplus, your dedicated industry super fund, has provided an overview of the key areas that may affect you and your workers.

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