Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Appointing a relief manager

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Over the years I have developed a helpful checklist of items for managers when contracting a relief manager to manage their business. A number of places where I have worked have used the list as a basis for their operations manual.

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Management rights – the old and the new


The commercial reality of buying and selling management rights using the same parameters as any other business transaction has finally, after nearly two decades of lobbying, become the normal in most current transactions.

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God bless America

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Those of you with nothing better to do than read these columns will recall that last time I was recounting our recent journey to the United States. We had just departed Vegas for Washington when I ran out of my allocated number of words so here’s part 2.

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What’s The Fuss?

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Most readers of this publication will have heard at least something about a recent QCAT decision that is having an impact on the lending by banks to the management rights industry.

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Boom in medium density approvals!

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According to recent research from Bankwest, demand for medium density housing is booming in Queensland, and has now reached the highest level on record. By “medium density”, we refer to units, townhouses and semi-detached houses.

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