Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Ain’t Life Strange


I’ve often thought that, like the expiry dates in management and letting agreements and motel leases, it might be very convenient to know well in advance the exact date of one’s eventual passing.

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Are you okay? How hospitality can save a life

keeping house

This isn’t a subject many wish to tackle: suicide. The issue tends to be brushed under the carpet or addressed in hushed tones, even more so within this industry where even a sniff of publicity about a guest death from suicide causes panic.

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You Gotta Love a Panda!

AN65-1-MGT-Intonet-Main 300x224

Those of you who are aware of the various “goings on” in computer land, which also includes our smart phones and tablets, will be aware that our friend Google is full of its own idiosyncrasies.

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From PAMDA to POA – slowly

John Mahoney 11 300x256

It had been expected that the new Property Occupiers Act would have been in place at about this time but as the government deals with some last minute tweaking of the legislation, its commencement is likely to be delayed until the second half of the year.

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