Thursday, September 20, 2018


What price? Searching for value

In our business we spend a lot of time with new clients as they go through the journey of discovery leading up to the decision to purchase an accommodation business. That process can take weeks, months and sometimes years. Because we don’t charge fees to clients, we certainly hope that one day they borrow some money and we make a …

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Housekeeping Fees Will Cost You


One after effect of the GFC was that travellers – holiday, corporate and VFR – are much more careful with their money. And that applies to expenditure on accommodation in particular.

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Does your website use rich snippets?

Rich Snippets 2

Our friend Google is at it again. In an attempt to remain loyal to their much publicised mantra that content is king they have now advised that your site may be penalised if you do not use ‘rich snippets’ as the rules demand.

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The many hats of resident managers


Resident managers wear many hats in the management rights industry – here we focus on four of those: marketing and financial; occupancy – tenants/guests; facility management and day-to-day operations; and administration and risk management.

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