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Sunday, April 23, 2017
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RMS – Software @ your service

If there’s one rule of business we can all count on, it’s this — experience matters. Your experience and ours. For over 30 years, we’ve been trailblazing new hospitality software solutions with one goal: to help our global customers succeed. Why? Because we genuinely care about their businesses. And when they succeed, we succeed.

Our current customers know our customised platform reflects an intense understanding of the industry, it’s technologically advanced, immensely powerful yet truly user-friendly. Our customers are ambitious and savvy, and they turn to us because they know we can help them get more out of their business and gain more time to service their guests.

Ultimately, the force behind the success of any hospitality business comes down to this one thing — great customer service. That’s the bottom line. Customer service keeps guests coming back, it prompts stellar reviews and it inspires word-of-mouth promotion (which is downright priceless). And while having a solid, friendly, sharp front-end team counts for a lot, having your back-end flowing seamlessly is what makes consistent guest satisfaction possible. Our products reach that end-goal. And here’s why they work.

We “get” your industry

Hotels, resorts, motels and apartments share many common needs but the ability to tailor software to meet specific needs and react to changes in the market keeps you ahead of the curve.

We have incredible people working behind the scenes at RMS, and when it comes to our software, they don’t just rely on our past experience. Yes, we have a groundbreaking platform that’s changed the face of the industry, but that doesn’t mean a spark of inspiration won’t make it even better. Our tech staff are always looking ahead, watching the trends, playing out new scenarios and finding fresh ways to help your business succeed.

We have recently introduced Guest and Owner portals where individuals can log-in and update their details, make payments or reservations and even check in. Designed to increase loyalty and simplify the process for regular guests, it’s all about service.

The cloud makes much of this possible. Updates come through seamlessly without the need to load new software or stop working. It also gives you the power to control your business from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Whether you’re checking on bookings, communicating with guests (or tenants), pulling data for board members, or updating rates through RMS channel management — you’re in command of your business, even from the other side of the continent.

The RMS Housekeeping Portal allows staff to log-in, record maintenance requests, update room status instantly and ensure back of house runs smoothly without impacting guests.

Keeping control

In the past, it was the norm to have software systems for each part of the business. There weren’t many systems out there that could do everything you needed. Thankfully those times have changed. Now with RMS, one system can manage everything from property management, reservations, dynamic pricing, event management, point of sale, housekeeping, guest marketing, revenue and yield management, channel management and distribution through OTAs and the GDS.

In this constantly changing environment where even disruption feels old, having the latest technology with the support of a responsive team is the only way to stay relevant.

Were here to help

When you sign up for our service, we’re there for you. We support you, 24/7. You can call and talk to a real, live, knowledgeable person (seriously!). You can jump online or dive into our knowledge base for how-to videos and webinars. We really are here to help.

The best way to see if RMS can help your business is to contact us to arrange a demo. Simply visit


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