Thursday, August 24, 2017

Unlock your property’s online growth with STAAH

Are you struggling with limited online reach? Is yield an issue? Are high commissions playing on your mind? STAAH’s product suite helps you get a grip over your online woes and open new avenues.

A pioneer in the field of distribution technology, STAAH is an industry leader in powering the distribution of properties through online travel agencies (OTA), direct bookings and digital marketing services. A worldwide preferred partner for accommodation providers of all sizes, its cloud-based technology helps properties maximise their online potential.

STAAH products

  • A cloud-based Instant Channel Manager with real-time updates, automated management of distribution channels and powerful reporting. Enjoy top-of the-line channel management features, including monitoring competitor rates and showing them to website users with a view to engage and book.
  • The easy-to-use and intuitive ConvertDirect Booking Engine to increase direct bookings from your website.
  • InstantSite Website – a low-cost, low maintenance application that brings to life your most powerful tool – your website.
  • Monitor online reviews and benefit from its actionable insights with ReviewMinder Reputation Management.
  • Gift Voucher Management, the ticket to your very own user-friendly, customisable online store.

Making a real difference in the virtual world

  • 200+ integrations with OTAs, GDS, payment gateways and more puts your hotel in front of millions of people.
  • Efficient and effective distribution; your revenue numbers post STAAH will put a smile on your face.
  • An all-in-one platform to attract, convert, analyse and maximise your property’s online potential.
  • Whether you’re a small property or a big chain, STAAH’s customisable products help you find your digital niche.

What sets them apart from the crowd?

  • Technology: Easy to use, intuitive and reliable.
  • Service: From onboarding to optimisation of your online channels, STAAH has knack of becoming an integral and very hard-working team member.
  • Futuristic: Digital is an evolving world. STAAH recognises this and has put product development at the centre of its opertions. The beneficiary is you – the property.



Tel: +64 9 480 8184

Address 27- 29 William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland, NZ

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