Vortrax TRX 7700 iQ commercial pool cleaner



The Vortrax TRX 7700 iQ commercial pool cleaner has been specifically designed for intensive use in a small and medium-sized swimming pools. Its modern styling and advanced 21st Century technology gives our commercial pool cleaners the ability to clean any small and medium-sized swimming pool.


  • Ultrasonic sensors to detect walls and obstacles
  • Sensor Nav System: intelligent and personalised cleaning with anti-tangle compass system without the need of swivel
  • New Heavy-duty materials and traction system for intensive use
  • Ultra-powerful & long lasting suction
  • Designed for a professional use in public swimming pools for hotels, campsites and sports centers

Dual Filtration

The two-stage progressive filtration will make cleaning even more efficient. The Zodiac TRX 7700 iQ vacuum cleaner has two filter cartridges of 150 and 60 μm. Thanks to their use, even the smallest impurities are collected. The user will be able to enjoy a clean pool, without any physical effort.

Easy to use, lightweight when pulling out

Zodiac vacuum cleaners of the VORTRAX iQ™ line feature a specially designed Lift System, which will reduce the weight of the unit when removing it from the water. The feature is designed to make it easier to remove the unit after finishing work.

Mobile App

With the iAquaLink app, the vacuum cleaner’s functionalities can be accessed remotely via smartphone. The pool cleaning process can be monitored in real time. The Vortrax vacuum cleaner is constantly being upgraded with automatic software updates. In addition, the app allows you to control the vacuum cleaner remotely. As a result, there is no need to run the entire cleaning cycle if only a section of the pool is dirty.



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