Friday, January 18, 2019

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Damaging impact of OTAs

Giant global online travel agencies are having a corrosive impact on accommodation businesses, according to the results of a new industry survey.

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15 things a hotel’s website must have

You've got one face on the internet, and that's your website. If it doesn’t do a good enough job, it is more than likely that your prospects will choose your competition over you. Here are 15 easy to implement tips to keep in mind when designing your hotel’s website.

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Are chat bots the new way to book accom online?

Following news of Kayak’s new Facebook messenger booking app, will chat bots become the next big thing for hospitality booking engines? We have seen the likes of TripAdvisor and Amazon try, with varying success, to offer price comparisons that use meta-search capabilities to build upon the OTA model but the main issue with these comparisons is that they never seem …

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