Monday, January 22, 2018

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Turnbull mustn’t scrap accom sector needs along with 457 visas

Abrupt news today as prime minister Malcolm Turnbull announced plans to eradicate 457 visas for temporary workers. TAA and AHA offered differing opinions on how this decision will impact accommodation sector employees and employers but both emphasised the need for federal government to support regional hospitality. Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) said it welcomed the “revamp”, hoping it will “address genuine …

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What should be the political focus for Aussie accom providers?

accomnews spoke exclusively with Joe Shlegeris, the Greens candidate with a business background who is running for the Queensland seat of Noosa. He talked about Airbnb, the backpacker tax, rate parity and which policies he thinks will impact accom professionals most directly over the next few years. “The key issues are focusing on how the government works for the benefit of the …

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