Hospitality Beds: Taking Additional Guest Marketing one Step Further

In today’s modern accommodation complex, roll away beds are not just another piece of housekeeping equipment; they are fast becoming an essential part of the promotion of additional guest marketing.

The roll-away bed is now being put to use by accommodation management teams to promote their brands dedication to providing guests with the best available comfort when extra in room bedding is required.

The overall concept of a roll-away away unit is to not only provide a more inviting alternative to sofa and stretcher beds but to also offer the flexibility of a piece of equipment that takes up less storage space in room and within storage rooms back of house. Stored in an upright position these specially designed beds are equipped with strategically positioned straps that hold the pillow, bedding and mattress in place during transport and storage. This method allows housekeeping staff to quickly turn around rooms during changeovers.


Housekeeping staff simply lower the bed into the use position. Incorporated headboards are built into rollaway beds into the design to ensure bedding and pillows remain on the bed offering guests another added benefit over traditional cot beds. Four and five star hotels often specify upright rollaway beds with pillow top mattresses to accommodate their guest comfort programs.


With occupational health and safety being a major issue for hotel operational staff roll away beds due to their safer design features such as pivot points that make beds easier to lower into use or lift into position for transport.

With the increased popularity of roll-away beds it is no wonder guests are starting to ask more questions about the bed that will be supplied as the demand for a restful night’s sleep is one of the most important guest services a hotel can offer.

Sonja Northridge
SICO South Pacific Ltd

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