Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Energy & Resources

LED lighting vs. halogen

Designing a lighting fit-out or upgrade for a hotel can be an epic adventure but it’s an adventure that requires some knowledge and planning. Rose-coloured glasses will not look favourably upon a stark glare from overhead lights, or lights so dim that your guests are squinting to see their travelling companions. Lighting matters, and it requires a degree of expertise …

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Save energy and add sparkle

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LED lighting can enable a hotel to make significant cuts in energy use and create a dynamic atmosphere to adapt to the different needs of guests. However, it pays to shop around – trusted brands deliver better performance and cost-effectiveness.

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Show your true colours

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LED lighting has emerged as a versatile technology for accommodation and hospitality applications, able to showcase ambience in its true light while delivering significant energy savings.

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The art of perfect lighting


Light is life. Our biological rhythms depend on it, we release hormones upon exposure to light that energise and revitalise us; then as the light fades the decrease in these hormones prepare us for sleep.

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Setting the Standard

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NSW accommodation hotels are setting the standard internationally with their sustainability efforts slashing energy usage by millions of kilowatts each year.

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A simple solution to rising energy costs

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Nine-to-five business owners can happily shut-up-shop at 5pm, safe in the knowledge that everything is as it should be and the company’s energy consumption is also taking a break. But this isn’t the case for those in the hospitality industry. Guests come-and-go at all times of the day and night and providers need to power their business around the clock.

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Lighting the way – economically

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The car park is often the first point of contact in the guest experience for hotels and resorts. It needs to be a welcoming and comfortable environment for guests and staff to transit through.

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