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Swipe right: How to capture Gen Z attention for Direct Bookings

Gen Z values authentic, personalised experiences, transparency, sustainability and seamless digital interactions

Crafting a strategic plan for guests to make direct bookings at your hotel is crucial, particularly for Gen Z visitors who appreciate technology and unique experiences.

In contrast to their predecessors, Gen Z values authentic, personalised experiences, transparency, sustainability, and seamless digital interactions. To optimise direct bookings, hotels should tailor their strategies to align with these preferences, ensuring a smooth and personalised experience that caters to the specific needs of this tech-savvy generation.

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1) Visual Storytelling

Gen Z is a visually-oriented generation, and hotels can leverage this by investing in high-quality visual content. To showcase the unique features of your property on Instagram, use appealing photos and videos. This includes not just the rooms, but also the shared spaces, facilities, and nearby attractions. Engaging visual content can create a powerful first impression and encourage direct bookings.

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2) Social Media Engagement

Social media is Gen Z’s virtual playground. Establish a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, where visually appealing content thrives. Make interactive campaigns, contests for user-generated content, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to build community and encourage engagement. Utilise social media as a direct booking channel, offering exclusive promotions and discounts to followers.

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3) Seamless Mobile Experience

Gen Z practically lives on their smartphones, making a seamless mobile experience crucial for direct bookings. Ensure your hotel website is mobile-friendly, with a user-friendly interface and a straightforward booking process. Implement mobile check-ins, keyless entry, and other digital innovations that align with Gen Z’s preference for convenience.

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4) Personalisation and Special Offers

To attract Gen Z travellers for direct bookings, personalise your website interactions using data insights. Highlight exclusive offers and packages prominently to encourage users to book directly. Optimise your Hotel Booking Engine for effective marketing of these personalised deals.

gen z 45) Sustainability Matters

Gen Z values sustainability, with 81% expressing a desire for eco-friendly lodgings in 2021. This generation, in particular, is willing to pay more (47%) for hotels that contribute to a greener planet. Showcase your hotel’s eco-friendly initiatives, from energy efficiency to waste reduction and local partnerships. This not only aligns with Gen Z values but also positions your hotel as a socially responsible choice.

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The Bottom Line

To attract Gen Z for direct bookings, utilise strategies like visual storytelling, social media engagement, seamless mobile experiences, personalised offerings, and sustainability. Embrace the digital age to connect with Gen Z, foster loyalty, and make your hotel their preferred choice.

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