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What really matters to a typical lot owner?

The answer is in the detail of the data.

My company’s unique approach to strata management is founded on the principle that every detail matters.

Detail can come from many sources including the analysis of the data. One of the important considerations is the integrity of the data and how this information is consequently used. Most recently we have sought to pull the data from our website to provide you with valuable information when communicating to our lot owners.

My company has a very detailed website presence including through our affiliated website of Living In Strata. The company has taken the philosophy of sharing our knowledge and experience through the content it publishes and share in its websites.

We hope these websites serve as a resource for you as a resident manager, and for our mutual clients, the owners of strata property. This is why our web presence is constantly being updated, and in the remainder of this financial year we will embark on a substantial overhaul of the web presence.

However, before we do the overhaul, I would like to share with you some of the data from our website, as I think it reveals an insight which we both can use in the way we (as a body corporate manager) and you as a resident manager direct future endeavours. The data reveals an opportunity to be more relevant to clients by addressing what matters to lot owners.

The top six topics researched on our website are:
1. Strata renovations
2. Body corporate insurance coverage
3. Smoking
4. Disputes
5. Water leaks
6. Pets

We have a large number of lot owners and bodies corporate who are looking to us daily for advice. We can conclude from the data of our website hits and engagement that these topics will also generally be relevant to your clients and consequently should be a focus area when servicing lot owners in these areas.

I am excited about these topics because they are important to our clients and adding value in these areas is an opportunity to serve our clients better.

In future articles we would like to share further insights into how you can work with committees to address these six topics to promote cost savings, improved property values, better maintenance, and a more harmonious living environment.

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