AAAT and TXA Announce Alliance

AAA Tourism and Tourism Exchange Australia have announced a strategic partnership to increase the availability of live real-time Australian tourism product across their combined distribution networks.

Peter Blackwell, CEO of AAA Tourism Ltd said, “We’re delighted to be working with TXA as the open booking exchange technology will allow us to offer tourism businesses who advertise with us a greater range of distribution options. This alliance has the opportunity for us to really boost our growing distribution network. By teaming up with TXA we’ll also be able to offer our consumers access to book a huge range of Australian products live and in real time. It helps ensure we continue to offer our consumers the most comprehensive range of Australian travel products.”

AN28-4-news-Peter_BlackwellPeter Blackwell

This ground breaking collaboration will see the AAAT booking engine connected to TXA as both a supplier of inventory to TXA and as a distributor of the products already connected to TXA. Suppliers connected to TXA can choose to be sold live via the AAAT distribution network.

This network includes RACV, RACQ, RAA, RAC and RACT who, combined have over four million consumers.

Shane Crockett CEO of V3, the joint providers of TXA, in partnership with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, said, “We are extremely pleased to commence the process of collaboration with AAAT. AAAT is one of Australia’s key tourism organisations and this alliance continues the explosion of opportunities for industry suppliers and distributors delivered by TXA. It further emphasises TXA’s position as a unique and genuinely neutral exchange.”

Shane continued, “This alliance has the potential to benefit all Australian suppliers and distributors. Suppliers can display and sell products to the combined network and Distributors can present their customers with an incredible range of Australian product.”AN28-4-news-Shane_Crockett

Tourism Exchange Australia is an inclusive and neutral booking exchange created by an alliance between ATDW and V3 to provide the Australian tourism industry with a combination of the current services offered by the ATDW and V3.

The ATDW collects tourism content from all Australian states and territories and publishes it on multiple websites while V3 enables consumers to book the product immediately. The TXA connects both the ATDW and V3’s open booking exchange technology to deliver a comprehensive suite of online, bookable Australian tourism products to consumers.

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