Names Emerging for Qantas Asia

It seems Qantasia will not be the name of Qantas’s Asian offshoot!

OneAsia, RedQ Executive Express, RedSky and RedQ are emerging as the most likely names for the carrier’s ultra-premium airline aimed at executives travelling in Asia.

The company has kept under wraps the finer details of its plans for the executive-styled airline to be based in Singapore or Malaysia but Qantas has lodged several trademark applications. But Qantas could face opposition from its arch rival if it adopts RedQ. Virgin Australia secured Red Jet as a trademark several years ago for its charity foundation.

While red retains the connection to Qantas, the colour also symbolises good fortune and joy in Chinese culture.

Qantas corporate affairs chief Olivia Wirth confirmed that the company was assessing several different names – including RedQ and OneAsia – but a decision had not been made on which would be adopted.

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