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Spotless floors are a no brainer when it comes to the hospitality industry and there’s no better way to ensure clean carpets than by investing in the best quality vacuums possible.

There is a huge variety of products currently available and, in this ever-evolving industry, it is important to keep on top of new trends in order to retain the highest level of guest service. Experts from two of Australia’s leading vacuum distributors were on hand to offer their insight on the latest range of technology and produce.

Diane Tannous, spokesperson for Nilfisk-Advance, insists that guest “first impressions are vital and reputation is everything”, which is why your property should never settle for anything “but the highest levels of cleanliness that delight even the most veteran traveller”.

The key according to Nilfisk, is using vacuums that increase staff productivity and cause minimal guest disruption. They offer cleaning solutions that offer packages for every need, from daily vacuuming and scrubbing to scheduled restorative carpet care and frequent sweeping of outdoor walkways. “Clean smarter and improve overall guest satisfaction with less noise and better air quality.”

By selecting the correct cleaning equipment, accommodation providers can reduce cleaning costs and enhancing staff efficiency whilst saving company time.

Simultaneously, Ken Taylor, the spokesperson for Intervac Australia, asserts the need for powerful, industrial style machines most apt for commercial, as opposed to domestic, use. Intervac features Numatic vacuum cleaners; Numatic is England’s largest cleaning equipment manufacturer and one of the largest manufacturers of vacuums in Europe. Amongst their Homecare range of vacuum cleaners geared toward commercial use, the Henry model has become the most famous. Developed over 30 years ago, Henry’s smiling face has come to represent the pleasing guest service it helps hotels provide. According to Intervac, Henry is a terrific example of the type of powerful and durable yet compact machine required by today’s accommodation providers.

Henry’s 10m cable means all areas of a hotel room are made accessible from one power socket; the wand is adjustable and made of stainless steel which means it will not crack or break easily in the way that plastic can. “People also have the option of using these machines with or without paper dust bags. We would always recommend using a bag as it’s the first stage of filtration and eliminates any messy emptying.”

The hose is over 2m long so it makes pulling the vacuum along easy and the hose cuff that fits on to the end of the wand becomes a very versatile accessory for cleaning chairs and sofas.

Nilfisk agrees with Intervac on the necessity of industrial vacuum cleaners for accommodation providers. Accommodation complexes have to deal with a constant stream of visitors and not just human visitors but bed bugs and dust mites as well.

“It is virtually impossible to avoid bed bugs and dust mites, unless you happen to work in a dry atmosphere without plants, pets, carpets, curtains, textile sofas or bed linen! Choosing the right vacuum cleaner helps combat these irritants,” says Ms Tannous.

The majority of dust particles and bed bugs are smaller than 5/1000mm, where a human hair is 60 or 70/1000mm. “A normal vacuum cleaner is not sufficient to effectively deal with particles this size.”
Nilfisk offers vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter efficient enough to eliminate these tiny sources of irritation and company embarrassment.

An industrial standard meaning high efficiency particulate air – HEPA is a type of filter that can trap a large amount of small particles that ordinary vacuum cleaners would re-circulate back into the air.
“HEPA filters are approved to stop even the worst dust particles, even particles down to an amazing 0.3microns or 3/10,000s of a mm. HEPA filters capture up to 99.997% of all dust particles, which is why Nilfisk recommends two vacuum cleaners in particular that employ the HEPA filter,” Tannous.

“First of all, the GD5H backpack vacuum is highly recommended for use within the hospitality industry as it meets all requirements that should exist in a good vacuum cleaner. Exceptionally light in weight at only 4.4kg, this machine has an even weight distribution and a harness that works to support frequent staff usage through its ergonomic design to reduce fatigue. The HEPA filter also offers a low sound level which supports cleaning in noise sensitive areas.

“Another easy to use and durable machine is the VP300 HEPA that also boasts relatively quiet operating sound making it suitable for cleaning any time of day without disrupting guests. The VP300 HEPA also has compact accessory and power cord storage and come equipped with rear mounted tool parking. At only 5.2kg, the VP300 HEPA is again very lightweight, making it easy to move from place to place; its large 8l dust bag and long 10m cable also means more efficient cleaning.

Intervac also promotes the need for quiet in a hotel setting: “There’s nothing worse than booking into a hotel after say a long flight only to be awakened by a noisy vacuum cleaner being used in the room next door,”

Mr Taylor also highlights the importance of cost effectiveness when it comes to purchasing new vacuum cleaners for a hotel, which may require as many as 20 to 30 machines. “When using this many vacuums
obviously electricity costs become a factor but with Numatic’s AutoSave system electricity costs can be cut in half as these vacuums always start in the lower 600 wattage mode (ideal for about 80% of the work) and with the simple flick of a switch this can be increased to 1200 watts if needed.”

Intervac has a range of new products on the way, including battery operated vacuums both barrel and back pack that are “ideal for areas that have no power or for day cleaning where trailing leads could present a danger to patrons or staff”. The batteries run for 30 minutes each and the back packs’ ergonomic designs mean vacuuming can be accomplished faster and more comfortably than ever.
No accommodation complex should compromise on quality cleanliness, which is why careful thought and investigation is needed when looking to purchase new vacuum cleaners for your property

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