TripAdvisor celebrates bubbles

TripAdvisor has announced the launch of its national television campaign, the first in the company’s 13 year history. The new campaign highlights the signature TripAdvisor green “bubble” ratings that allow travellers to rate their experiences on a one to five bubble scale as an overall quantitative summary of their review.

These bubbles are portrayed in the ads as iconic shorthand for rating travel experiences. In addition, TripAdvisor is launching a test in select global markets with a different creative execution for television that communicates a similar message.

“After growing to become the world’s largest travel site in the last 13 years, we feel now is the time to enlist other channels to help us share our story, including advertising on television,” said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer at TripAdvisor. “There are 260 million unique visitors to TripAdvisor every month which is amazing, but that also means there are still over 2 billion Internet users we want to reach. With this first-ever television campaign, we want to make one message loud and clear: every experience counts and sharing it through reviews and opinions matters.”

With more than 100 million reviews and opinions on the site covering nearly 3 million hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world, TripAdvisor is using its signature “bubbles” in the television campaign to signify how travelers use the reviews to inform their decisions, celebrate the experiences they have when they travel using TripAdvisor and inspire them to write their own reviews.

“We proudly attribute the success of TripAdvisor to the countless number of people who continue to share their reviews and opinions with us – 70 a minute and counting,” said Anne Bologna, vice president of brand strategy. “TripAdvisor is powered and trusted by the people and it’s their opinions and reviews that can enhance our travelers’ experiences and that is what this campaign celebrates.”

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