Join the fun: go Pokemon crazy!

If you haven’t heard about the latest millennial obsession, Pokemon Go, then you must be living under a rock.

It exploded into our lives July 6 and presents us with yet another novel challenge but also an exciting marketing opportunity. The game sends usually socially awkward, phone clutching players out into the real world in search of virtual reality Pokemon monsters.

The incredible popularity of the game since its launch has made it rapidly become one of the most viral mobile applications of all time (topping Twitter’s daily users) its phenomenal success has surprised even the harshest critics.

Subsequently, the app has become the main topic of conversation among excitable marketers, keen to explore the many opportunities presented by the game.

What’s in it for the tourism industry?

If you happen to find a rare pokemon in or near your vicinity, make sure you make it known to the masses! They will come far and wide to snag that Charizard. How about offering guests an exclusive map of the best pokemon hunting spots in your local area? Adding that to your social media page will be sure to generate interest in your property.

Let us dwell on this: in Manhattan, businesses have seized the moment with stores, attractions, eateries and hotels enthusiastically populating their properties with Pokemon characters, using the ‘lure module’ as a means of drawing in potential new customers.

The lures last for 30 minutes each, so if you are located near one it’s the perfect opportunity to invite customers in for lunch or a coffee while they catch their pokemon. Some businesses have even started offering deals or putting up advertisements near popular meeting areas in the game.

As players follow a GPS map to designated Pokestops (usually landmarks or attractions) to collect Pokeballs, there is a prime opportunity to attract the illusive millennial by filling your business with virtual creatures. All you need to do is to regularly set a Pokemon lure, using the app, this will attract players and a host of new millennial customers or guests!

Pokemon Go can certainly be used to attract gamers but the trick is how to get them to look up from their phone and become customers. Millennials are not renowned for their exuberant purchasing power but exploring the potential benefits of Pokemon Go is exciting.

The idea is simple: if you draw players to the area with make-believe monsters, maybe they’ll purchase something to go with that Pikachu.

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