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Convention Centre Reduces Landfill Waste

South Australia’s Adelaide Convention Centre is endeavouring to reduce waste from exhibitions going into landfill and has increased recycling and reuse of these materials.

The centre is encouraging clients, exhibitors and contractors to separate materials on-site into key colour-coded recycling streams including cardboard, paper and plastics. No waste from exhibitions will go directly to landfill and it is hoped a resource recovery of greater than 90% from the new waste and recycling systems can be achieved. The small remaining waste stream will then be further processed at an offsite facility to maximise resource recovery.

To measure and report the performance of the new recycling systems, the ACC has developed a specially designed waste and recycling reporting template. This template is designed to align reporting against the ‘waste hierarchy’ which guides best practice in waste management. The ACC will pilot the new reporting template and if successful, it may be extended for use to other state government agencies.

“As a leading international convention centre committed to sustainable initiatives, we are pleased to be pioneering this initiative to ultimately eliminate waste destined for landfill from our exhibitions,” said Adelaide Convention Centre chief executive Alec Gilbert. “We hope to set a new benchmark for waste management across the state.”

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