The World’s Most Expensive Glass Of Beer

After over two months travelling around the country on the back of a custom designed lorry and nearly 55,000 competition entries, the Carlton Draught Mystery Prize was finally revealed this week to be a one-of-a-kind 18 carat solid gold beer glass, valued at $200,000.

The prize, which was won by John Pierce from Victoria, is 182mm tall and features over 2kg of exquisite yellow gold. Created by the world-renowned Australian jewellers, Hardy Brothers, manufacturers of the Melbourne Cup, the Carlton Draught gold beer glass demonstrates flawless craftsmanship, from the smooth polished gold exterior and hand engraved Carlton Draught logo, through to the grained walnut base.

“The Mystery Prize concept has really captured everyone’s imagination,” said Vincent Ruiu, Carlton group marketing manager. “Only a handful of people in Australia knew what the prize was and they were all sworn to secrecy. We thought it would be impossible to keep it quiet for as long as we did but the team held strong and tight lipped for the entire two months.”

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