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New Standard for Fire Alarms for Hearing Impaired

Standards Australia has set a new standard for automatic fire detection and alarm systems for the hearing impaired.

“The standard addresses a critical safety issue for the hearing impaired and the broader community,” said Colin Blair, chief executive officer, Standards Australia. “The objective of this standard is to provide design and performance specifications for warning equipment that acts with smoke alarms and detectors to alert people with hearing impairment of potential danger.

“It’s an important safety issue for the hearing impaired community and in the context of an aging population hearing impairment is an issue of increasing prevalence. It’s important there is a standard in place to reflect this demographic trend.”

Standards Australia said there are variety of means to alert hearing impaired people of fire hazards, including the use of vibration, low-frequency sounds and visual alarm devices.

Mr Blair said the standard was developed through consensus and in consultation with key stakeholders groups including Deafness Forum of Australia and various property, business, fire safety and building organisations.

“We see this standard as an important recognition of one of the many challenges faced on a day-to-day basis by the hearing impaired,” Mr Blair concluded.

Standards Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, recognised by the Australian government as the peak non-government standards body in Australia.

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