Revamped Star Ratings In July

AAA Tourism has announced that its star ratings scheme will be relaunched on July 1, with the unloved points system to be replaced by a percentage scheme focusing on three key categories — facilities, cleanliness and quality/condition.

AAA Tourism chief executive Peter Blackwell said at the No Vacancy conference last week, he hopes the new system will see a shift in how consumers view the ratings scheme as the present star ratings have fallen out of favour as more and more people book on line.

The new system aims to take some of the subjectivity out of the assessment process by using criteria defined by consumers and not by AAA Tourism assessors. Mr Blackwell said that while subjectivity will always play a role, the new ratings will focus on the three categories that matter most to consumers, with cleanliness number one.

The old points system allowed accommodation providers to reach five star via the number of points they earned but the new percentage system is stricter and encourages cleanliness to be top priority. Research showed that “over 90% of requirements was cleanliness”, Mr Blackwell stressed.

“They want to see quality, it isn’t just good to have TV they want quality TV, it isn’t just good to have carpet but how good is it”.

“The higher percentage you earn on each category sets your star rating. If you are only very good in terms of cleanliness, you cannot be five-star,” Blackwell said. “Properties that fail to hit a 75% rating for cleanliness cannot be star rated at all.”

Criteria will also be weighted based on consumer feedback. For example, more importance will be given to the quality of facilities in the bedroom and bathroom, rather than the quality of public areas of a hotel. Minimum requirements under the previous scheme have gone – properties are now required to earn their rating.

AAA Tourism completed a detailed strategic review of star ratings Australia over the last 18 months. Research found that up to 80% of people thought star ratings were useful and were consciously or unconsciously using them as the third step after choosing a location and researching hotels.

“We have consulted widely and listened to our members, the consumer and the Australian tourism sector in developing a new quality-based assessment and rating model.

“How well you want to be, is based on the service you provide.”

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