Make the Most of the Silly Season

With the silly season quickly approaching, it makes sense to be prepared.

For most in the resort or accommodation industry, this is the time where the costs the quiet months bring are recouped and profits maximised to ensure survival next year. Whether you offer fast, friendly, efficient service, choose to fight it out with cut throat deals or provide luxury and extravagance not offered at home – the add-ons and extra staff means added pressure and a lot of work. So how do you attract these new clients and how do you keep them?

There are many forms of advertising to attract a new crowd. With so many options today, are you utilising all areas and staying ahead of your competitor? Online and social media avenues are leading the way for advertising, however the good old faithful forms of attention seeking still keep a steady interest in the market place. So cover all bases, keep a record of results and focus on what works.

As true creatures of habit, humans tend to revisit the same areas time and time again. Yet statistics are showing that loyalties wave, especially in the younger more affluent, (two incomes, no children) age bracket. So every day you have a chance to capitilise on this fleeting nature. The key is not only in the luring but also in the retaining…

So have you got the right bait? Your image sets you apart from your competitor. So make sure your image reflects the type of guests you want to attract. Why not capitilise on the holiday makers who travel on a whim and seek accommodation as they go? Make sure your outside pylon sign is streamlined and modern and reflects what you offer. Make it memorable and obvious. With so many beautiful slimline designs these days, there is no excuse for the old lollipop on a stick lightboxes!

For those organised travelers, make sure you are easy to find, have their directional and safety needs met and offer the outstanding service they expect and you should pride your business on. The sight of a vehicle wrapped in your accommodations information sets a traveller’s mind at ease and encourages potential holiday makers to seek you out. Make sure the directional signage is clearly defined, rooms easy to navigate to and safety first when it comes to fire escapes and pool or spa signage. This not only assists your visitors but protects your duty of care.

To keep your clients coming back year after year, keep your database up to date. Keep in contact with guests. Not hounding them and in constant contact but staying fresh in their minds. Sending useful and relevant information can encourage continued support or spontaneous bookings. What about a loyalty cards or offers of a free massage on their return?

So what have you done this year to maximise your exposure and capitilise on your returns? Are you going to rest on your laurels or take this opportunity to exceed your forecasts or even your wildest dreams?

Call your signwriter today and make the most of this busy, silly season

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