The Year in Review

As 2011 draws to a close we can pause to look back on what has been a very eventful year

and we can reflect on how far we have traveled since January’s devastating weather events.

Across Queensland, concerted effort has been put into the fight back against the effects of Cyclone Yasi and the flooding that devastated many regions. In the aftermath of the natural disasters the BCCM office was called upon to make a number of emergency related orders and I am pleased to say that a number of staff also took on extra duties, volunteering, to help their fellow Queenslanders.

As parliament resumed for the year the lot entitlement provisions, as well as some other provisions of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 under went some change. As a result of the amendments a window of opportunity now exists to have lot entitlements that had been changed by adjustment orders, reverted to their previous positions.

Another significant change is the new requirement for all contracts of sale for lots in community titles schemes to include a copy of the community management statement. The amendments further require a breakdown of body corporate levies, providing greater disclosure to any prospective purchaser.

At the same time that parliament passed the lot entitlement amendments provision was made in the act for the introduction of a regulation module catering for two-lot schemes. The public consultation period for the proposed new regulation module has now closed. The new module is expected to take effect shortly. Together with the new module some new forms will also be introduced to help owners manage the simplified process. To stay up-to-date continue to watch the “latest news” segment on our home page, located at

So what is ahead in 2012 for community titles schemes? We can expect to see more and more bodies corporate approached about the installation of infrastructure for the roll-out of the commonwealth government initiative to supply high speed Internet services throughout the majority of Australia. Some bodies corporate have already been selected to receive the upgraded service via new equipment and cabling.

The roll-out of this service is a large project taking course of a number of years but as an area is selected contractors may require access to not just the common property of a community titles scheme, but also to the inside of lots, to determine the best path for the installation and to enter again at a later stage to carry out the works.

To view the current list of locations, timeframes and fact sheets please visit

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