Let’s get into positive

In our workplace we try to stay as positive as possible.

We like to develop a team attitude that enables each member to work cohesively; free to express ideas and opinions; whilst producing work that keeps within our business ideals. This ideology is reflected in our staff retention. Many of our qualified sign writers started out with us as apprentices, our sales team has been promoted from within our own workshop and our managers were once our lackeys.

It makes me proud to say that we have celebrated many a milestone with these great people. These have included births, marriages, first-homes, not to mention the odd half century birthday celebrations!

Our hope is that this positive, creative sort of environment produces the best results for our clients too. We initially endeavour to attract clients who are looking for a quality product from an experienced team. Don’t we all, however, we hope they keep coming back due to the pleasant experience from dealing with us too?

So what has this got to do with signage, you may ask? Well we feel your signs deserve a positive approach too. Every business knows how important it is to attract the right type of client and to stand out from their competitors.

But what makes each sign different?

What sets you apart from the rest of the resorts or accommodation blocks in your town? Can everything you need to say really be seen within a simple sign, banner, pylon or lightbox? Well we believe it can!

Your message is more than just your words, although they count too. Your business ‘essence’ let’s say is seen is many ways. It comes down to colours, layout, detail, images and of course the written text.

So what do your signs say about you?

Even just a moment’s research into colours and their effects on people can make your head spin. Some colours reflect aggression, some provoke calm. Layout determines whether a client actually even sees your message in the first place or gets lost in the detail. Too much detail can put people off; too little and you can leave them scratching their heads!

While images can entice a client in with the true desire to the ‘I’ll have what they’re having’ emotion or it can get them running in search of a more suitable place to stay. And we can’t forget words – choose wisely, their value is second to none.

So how do we find the balance?

I guess a good place to start is with your own attitude. Not what you expected? Well take a step back. If you aren’t attracting the clients you desire, maybe you should seek some professional advice. Stick with what you do best and hire experts that deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis. People who can prove their abilities to attract clients and keep them coming.

If your words aren’t hitting their target market, seek some outside counsel. Look for advice from a positive team that can get you on track and out into the market place. Maybe secure yourself an uplifting tagline to use throughout your advertising and signage that represents your company and your ethics.

The old saying goes – You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar – is your signage and advertising message as sweet as honey? Call your signwriter today and start attracting the business you deserve.

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