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A week after management rights settled for Natasha Lumley and Michael Beets at Cairns City Apartments in November 2010, their second child was born. 

Not long after, Cyclone Yasi closed in.

Life hasn’t been dull for Natasha and Michael.

“Thankfully, we are very organised and everything ran smoothly with the additional help of staff who managed the office while I was away having bub,” smiled Natasha.

This is Natasha and Michael’s first management rights business and it is a very different lifestyle from the hotel they managed in Mackay.

“We wanted to find something where we could work from home and have the flexibility with the children,” said Natasha. “After looking at a couple of freehold motels in Cairns and searching the Internet for business opportunities, we came across our former sales rep who put us onto the concept of management rights, which sparked our interest.

“Following some serious consideration and a couple of trips to Cairns, we ended up buying the management rights through Calvin Bailey, from Property Pacific management rights specialists.

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“It is the best decision we have made so far and it is a complete change from running a pub,” agreed Natasha and Michael.

Cairns City Apartments is a select group of upmarket Cairns accommodation properties — consisting of Clarendon on Spence, Beaumont on Spence and Regency on Spence — which are located at 75-79 Spence Street in the Cairns CBD.

The Clarendon has six levels, with three levels each in Beaumont and Regency. All the apartments in Beaumont are of different designs.

“There are 18 units in the letting pool and we operate out of the three buildings with three separate bodies corporate. We have a caretaking and holiday agreement with the Clarendon on Spence, which is where we live,” Natasha explained.

Ideally located and surrounded by a selection of world-class shopping, entertainment, nightlife, cafés and restaurants Cairns City Apartments is the ideal base for holidaymakers or those on business trips.

The apartments were originally built by the developer for residential use, hence the larger than average holiday letting size apartments. All are individually furnished by the owners and the two- and three-bedroom apartments can be locked off to a one bedroom.

“We were attracted by the size of the unit that accommodates us and the central location plus it is a relatively safe market that we have on our doorstep. In Cairns there are few centrally located two- and three-bedroom apartments so family groups enjoy the proximity of the Esplanade, Cairns central and the city area. With the Convention Centre just around the corner, Cairns City Apartments is also popular with the business sector.

“There is a real mix of owners both nationally and internationally such as from Hong Kong and Dubai. The beauty of technology today is that we can keep in regular contact with the owners through Skype and emails. They like to know what is going on and when you have that regular contact you can allay any fears they may have heard from any exaggerated media hype.

“One owns a number of apartments and other properties. I do property management for her throughout Cairns because I have a full real estate license.

“Zara, our office manager, has recently completed the resident letting licence training that gives us the peace of mind knowing the complex is in good hands when we decide to have a holiday, which will be soon,” said Natasha.

Transportation going to and from Cairns is readily available with the Cairns International Airport providing both domestic and international flights. There are coaches to Brisbane and regional cities to the south. A public transport network operates throughout Cairns city making travelling fast and easy.

AN37-3-Clarendon Master bedroomCairns is surrounded by spectacular natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, and Daintree Rainforest and is known to have the cleanest beaches in the region, such as Trinity Beach, Holloway’s Beach, Yorkey’s Knob and Palm Cove

The wet season is not all doom and gloom and unfortunately the media has often sensationalised far north Queensland weather to the extreme.

“We’ve had people ringing us from down south asking if they should cancel because of the weather forecasts on television. I go to the extreme and take an outside photo and email to them and say ‘don’t believe everything you see on television’.”

Natasha continued, “Michael and I love Cairns and the children are happy here. We’re glad we made the decision to take on Cairns City Apartments as it has been really good for us.”

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