VALE – Graham Allen

Graham Allen, the Hervey Bay developer, builder and owner of management rights to Peppers Pier Resort, was tragically killed while cycling on Central Coast Highway at Magenta Shores near his hometown of Gosford on Monday.

A very community minded person who went to PNG every year to build community housing, Graham will be remembered as being a very successful and tough businessman.

Graham was the son of Perc Allen who was the accountant for Pluims, the building company founded by Bill Pluim in Gosford.

In 1958 Graham Allen joined the company as an apprentice in Pluims joinery shop and learned his trade under Bill Pluim. He subsequently became manager of the joinery shop for eighteen years before buying the company in 1978 from

Bill Pluim who was retiring. The years that followed saw the company expand into commercial and industrial construction and property development.

Graham was the developer of the Peppers Pier Resort at Hervey Bay at a cost of $55 million. Graham also built the Ramada at Hervey Bay – Andrew Cox, the current general manager of Peppers Pier Resort, worked with him on that project.


Graham Allen

Photo: Hervey Bay Independent

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