Six-month action plan provides genuine incentives

One of the essential elements of today’s modern business scene is for the development of concise plans to ensure that all elements have a full understanding of the goals and the clear process that they can be achieved.

Last month we looked at the early focus laid out by the new Queensland government as it identified that the Sunshine State and its iconic tourist industry needed a real focus and plan, with ongoing commitments to rebuild the businesses of many thousands of Queenslanders following the sudden and disastrous impact of the global financial crisis.
We at ARAMA understand the highs and lows that are unfortunately one of the elements of the tourist industry but we were heartened by the commitment and detail of the DestinationQ Forum and the diversity and depth of commitment by the many hundreds of elements that make up the Queensland tourist industry and its product delivery. The importance of the forum has been added to with the next step in the new Queensland’s program to rebuild the state’s economy that has been severely damaged by the global financial crisis and the series of unusual and disastrous weather events that created widespread havoc.
For not only did the tourist industry suffer in both damage and reputation following the cyclones and floods but also our mining and resources industry, with washed away railway lines, flooded coal and mineral pits and the costs of restoration.
However despite the savage aftermath of the GFC that is still adversely impacting on northern hemisphere nations’ economies, the Queensland revival is well underway. And to help us all focus on the next chapter of the recovery, we have a new incentive the Six-Month Action Plan that sets further goals for the state with some 25 programs that are of vital importance to the management rights industry, delivering a degree of certainty now and a clear program for future development. It dovetails into the front line tourist revival program and new news including more international visitor flights from Asia being confirmed as well as ongoing economic support from the Asia nations for our resources and energy products.
The 10-page action plan built on the four pillars of the economic development program for Queensland, provides a real challenge for our industry, not only for the tourism elements, but for the long term accommodation program of density living, which is now so much a feature of modern 21st century lifestyle living.
The fact that our four gateway airports, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Cairns and Brisbane airports have committed to major expansion is a real demonstration of economic commitment to these regions, supporting the construction industry initially and then encouraging the travel industry in the medium term.
But the action plan has already seen the government move to control business costs to help business build on its opportunities with an understanding of cost control, which is always an inhibitor of investment. For the property industry in general, the government’s new planning legislation in the key areas of future development is just as important as its review of the major industry and mining assessment and approvals processes.
No economy can afford to stand still, there must be incentives to ensure growth and confidence of the business sector to add to the long term growth. Importantly that federal government has recognised Queensland’s attraction and, while we were staging an international conference in Townsville involving the world’s scientists in marine and reef protection, it announced that in 2014 Queensland will host the G20 global economic conference; some 4000 delegates to discuss the global future accompanied by 3000 members of the world media – placing a global spot light on our nation and the regions of Queensland.
These initiatives are just some of the opportunities that are presenting opportunities to Queensland and the economic future of the state. We are working hard to remove the isolation barrier and ensuring that many more people in the world have a focus on the opportunities for visitation and investment in our economy.
We in management rights believe that we have an important role in the new lifestyle opportunities being embraced by 21st century Queenslanders who want to live in the new environments created by density living complexes. The management and service of major complexes on a 24/7 basis is an important element in today’s outstanding living environments that offer so many facilities for their occupants and their visitors.
The new planning laws will help create a new living style environment for many Queenslanders not just in CBDs and key locations but in new suburbs and locations that will be maintained under strata and community title laws.
The action plans for all industries are exciting and we, at ARAMA, along with our professional colleagues in the service and administration industries will be working hard to ensure that the Queensland and national economy bounces back strongly for the benefit of us all.
I am certain that the planning and hard work of implementing the plans will provide strong returns now and in the foreseeable future. The challenge is now laid out in the plans and the enthusiasm of all who embrace them.

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