2013 – a challenge with long-term benefits

The test of the economic cycle in the Australian economy is often judged by the confidence displayed by our citizens as they celebrate the holiday season and recharge the batteries for the upcoming year.

We in the management rights industry continue to pursue our commitment to be part of the economic and administrative revival of the Australian economy to continue to build the professional service delivery of our members and their teams in terms of density living accom-modation across Australia. ARAMA has committed to a five-year program of structured professional development of the management rights industry across the nation and to work closely with the stakeholder groups within the density living industry and with the state and federal governments who are working to help restructure the Australian economy in the key property sector.

As ARAMA has pointed out, it is an organisation that grew from within its ranks in the tourist centres of Australia that attracted a property boom by investors last century to buy into complexes that provided self catering facilities in prime location in holiday spots up and down the coastal and holiday areas of the nation. Australians and international tourists were lured to these relaxed holiday environments and key resort centres based on tourism and government at all levels encouraged the growth accordingly.

Australians embraced the lifestyle of density living and as a result, the latest 20 Australian Cities report released last month shows that many more Australians are choosing to move from their suburban house block lifestyle, to enjoy 21st lifestyle in a wide variety of high rise devel-opments that are growing in cities across the nation. As the population rises, citizens want to remain in the centres of well serviced and live in accommoda-tion that has on hand luxuries such as pools and gyms, views and gardens and good access to transport, commercial and cultural opportunities.

Interestingly the greatest boom is being undertaken in Brisbane in the Sunshine State but other capitals and regional centres make up the top 20 cities list. In this edition of Resort News, ARAMA has had produced a special supplement that details
some more detail in how we and our members propose to continue to work tirelessly to ensure that on-site resident managers continue to explore and commit to modern management practices, with a genuine focus on value for money bottom line delivery.

Like all Australians, we are conscious of the rising costs of living which have been a direct fall out result of the global financial crisis and the need for all professional service deliveries to ensure that professional management delivers first class operational outcomes and ensures that properties benefit by capital appreciation of the complex and its individual lots.

We at ARAMA see 2013 as a challenging year for the economy but with long term benefits for the density living properties in all sectors. The legislative review cycle that has been a factor during the past 18 months has resulted in major consultation studies conducted by both the NSW and Queensland governments into on-site residential management. Many of the day-to-day concerns of owners, occupiers and service providers have been brought to the attention of the state governments that currently control the operational legislation. Again all stakeholders will be interested in the legislation as it is presented as governments seek to address the key issues.

We are well aware that the NSW survey that saw more than 300 submissions produced focussed on the day-to-day issues of car parking, parties (noise), pets and precinct as the major concerns of the majority of owners and occupiers.

We in the professional management area raised concerns about the ongoing operation of the management business and the business viability associated with length of the investment term that those with management rights are faced within the practicalities of becoming owners within the complex and purchasing of the business in commercial reality based on the current borrowing protocols. Thus we see that the desire of the Conference of Australian Government’s program for harmonisation across the nation within the property industry offers great opportunities to expand the residential management industry program and allow state governments to move towards more uniform legislation involving the role of resident managers and the structure of the management rights policies.

ARAMA will continue its drive to focus on the development of national policies within the industry and is being joined by other sectors in the density living sectors including corporate providers and bodies corporate managers to pursue a national model
approach. The Queensland legislation that has been developed over the past 40 years has been successfully exported to density living ventures in the Pacific and Asian resort areas and cities and many Australian managers have moved into those markets with success-ful outcomes.

As I indicated in our last Resort News column, ARAMA and its national leadership team is committed to a five-year program which will involve a diversity of practical training in terms of professional practice focussed on the industry best practice criteria which continues to be developed in the professional operations training and the ongoing review of obligations and commitments required by the legislation and regulations. The facts and figures clearly indicate that density living will continue to grow rapidly and that the management rights industry and its professional on-site resident managers are well prepared to embrace the services and management skills required to ensure that Australians have the best operating system according to world’s best practice.

It is a goal we are committed to deliver and we will share the process with our clients and potential clients who choose to take advantage of modern 21st century living.

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