How to find a good strata management company

Finding a good strata management company is one of the key contributing factors to harmonious strata living.

When looking for a good strata manager you should undertake the same due diligence as you would entering any contract – do lots of research and consider having a legal advisor check over the contract. Below is a list of things you should consider when you’re looking for a new strata management company:

  • Don’t compare costs! Compare service! You will find some companies who are far cheaper than others but don’t place too much focus on price points – if you’re paying a cheap price you will get a cheap service. It’s important to compare companies by the quality of the services they provide.
  • Compile a list of services that would be most important for your community. There are so many different issues facing strata communities that it’s helpful to know what needs addressing first. For example, if your community had an issue with debt collection then you would seek out a strata management company that had proactive steps in place to be able to combat this issue.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends or family who live in strata. Find out the pros and cons of their strata management company – first hand experiences will give you a great insight into a company.
  • Choose at least three different strata management companies, go over their proposals, capability statements and interview them.
  • View testimonials from their existing clients.
  • Different companies can specialise in different sized buildings. Ensure the company you choose matches your requirements or has experience managing many different types of schemes.
  • View a company’s team profile: look for strata managers that are people orientated, have financial knowledge, have exceptional knowledge of the relevant acts and find out if they are flexible in meeting after hours and willing to go on site.

By undertaking a good amount of research and focusing on the points above, you will be able to make informed decisions when choosing a strata manager and hopefully end up with a proactive and harmonious community with increasing value!

Lucy Montgomery has been involved in the strata industry for over five years. During this time she developed the comprehensive free website – Living in Strata – a free online information portal for that educates and informs people of the latest and most up to date information about body corporate related rules, regulations and information.

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