ARAMA to Meet With Members Across Queensland

Following the busy holiday period ARAMA will be active in all regions of Queensland and hold on site meetings with practising members to continue the delivery of the ARAMA professional development program for the resident management industry.

The Queensland program will be the fore runner to similar programs for the other states-but with the deferment of the NOLS program we believe it is important that ARAMA continues to commit to the professional development program for the management rights industry.

Our broad outline is to have ARAMA on the road during February and March bringing together practising members with operational expertise as well as members who are industry experts to continue the educational improvements that set the tone for this and future years.

This year will be busy as we will see state parliament review the strata and community title legislation as well as the Queensland Commercial Administrative Tribunal legislation which is the industry moderator.

The ARAMA leadership team wants to meet with members in each regional area to ensure that we have grass roots feedback on local and regional issues and to take action when required. We are well aware that there are specific local and regional issues impacting on the operation of the management rights industry and with the continuing increase in density development in both holiday and permanent complexes.

While the Queensland legislation has been the benchmark for the foundation and development of the successful administration operation over the past 40 years of the management rights industry not just in Queensland but nationally and internationally, the dynamics of 21st century living needs requires regular review.

Hence ARAMA will be visiting members in our branches in Port Douglas, Cairns and Townsville in February as the first stage of a state wide consultation program. We will be taking our message and plans for the ongoing professional development program for our members to ensure that as the front line day to day managers of more than $14 billion of real estate investment.

Our industry stakeholders are a diverse group, ranging from owner occupiers, to investor owners and holiday visitors and tenants. Resident managers have responsibilities involving 207 state acts and regulations so there will be plenty of issues to review as ARAMA continues its hands on role of providing support services to those in management rights.

Again the Queensland government will be rallying the tourism forces of the state and returning to Far North Queensland to conduct its second DestinationQ forum to pursue the development of more tourism opportunities in as one of its key four pillars of development for the state. The diversity of opportunities within the holiday state is a vital catalyst for the tourist sector of the management rights industry and the state and local governments have been keen to promote event based tourism to attract new markets for holidaymakers.

While Australians are great supporters of return holiday destinations ARAMA understands that industry growth is determined by expanded opportunities and diversity and completion.

Our professional development program that we will be rolling out continuously under our current five-year plan will seek to not only ensure professional development of all those in the delivery of management rights services but encourage more ownership and investment in density living facilities.

Key events such as the 2018 Commonwealth Games will not only benefit the Gold Coast holiday region but will see training centres and competition held in other regions of the State in the lead up and during the event. However in the meantime, with more festivals, sporting events for all age groups and visitor opportunities developing all the time, awareness and update programs for operators is a key dynamic for us all.

The challenges for the professionals in management rights is to be across the diversity of the industry and through the ARAMA network we will working on the upgrading of member services to ensure that managers in all complexes have access to the practical support that the association can provide.

We will be taking the opportunity to review our executive and branch structure during the face-to-face visits to ensure that members are well aware of the opportunities to add further value to the assets they manage and for new industry technology as well as representation of the industry to government and all key stakeholders. ARAMA was founded on the development of change and we will continue to accept the responsibilities of providing the management rights industry with our insights. We are looking forward to having serious interchange with our members as ARAMA through its network of regional branches accepts that the day-to-day operatives can provide vital feedback to policy development at all levels.

As Australia continues to embrace all the benefits of modern density living not just for holidays but now as an increasing lifestyle living arrangement, operational feedback remains a key factor. Our program of on location visititation will see us attend all other state branches in March as we prepare for the challenges of this most important year.

The GFC has taught us all some key lessons in the realities of managing the economy in tough times. What it has meant is that we must be prepared to plan and adapt to new technology and to new opportunities and this is the key driver that ARAMA, with its professional development program, wants to deliver on behalf of the success for the management rights industry and all its stakeholders.

Bill Kemter

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