The End Is Nigh for Analogue

Analogue TV broadcast ends 28/05/13.

All accommodation operators should note that analogue TV broadcasting finishes 28 May 2013 for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding SE Queensland areas. From this date you will receive only the digital television transmission.

You will need to ensure that your televisions and MATV systems are ready for this event or you could find your building is unable to receive television reception. With more available digital channels and clearer reception this change may present a good opportunity for you to audit your in-room entertainment and check that you’re getting the most out of your televisions.

AN48-2-Tech-Digital TV  2Some major considerations

MATV (TV aerial distribution) system – Some existing MATV systems will need to be upgraded to digital. As many properties will be undertaking these works over a short period it would be prudent to make arrangements as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of being unable to book tradesmen in time. Ensure that only companies with direct experience with the latest hotel/motel systems are utilised. Your local man may have served you well to date but is he equipped to provide you with the most up to date technology at the best possible price? I’ve also seen some considerable variations in technical competency and end results. I would advise getting a couple of quotes. Some project references could also be advantageous.

In-room entertainment system – In the process of any works to upgrade the MATV system you should check that your in-room entertainment system is up to date and is offering you (and your guests) the best possible value for money. If your building incorporates a VOD system such as Movielink or Docomo you should check with your provider to ensure the equipment is not only fully in sync with your new digital system but is also providing you with the latest and most suitable solution. It may also be worth exploring the new offerings from Foxtel as they too are now closely considering the needs of the accommodation industry. Choosing the right entertainment package for your property can add good value to your guest experience. Like all things though, don’t overdo it (or overspend) on unnecessary equipment or cut your property short on equipment that is not offering the best value package for your needs.

The televisions – Time to retire that “beautiful piece of furniture” (that could double as a dining table). A shiny new slim LED TV hung on the wall will instantly upgrade the look of your room, give you more space and display those new crystal-clear digital images. There are certain specialised hospitality televisions available that will allow you to take full advantage of this new era in TV broadcasting. It may best benefit your property to install one of these specialist TVs (will be imperative if you have a VOD system) or it may be quite okay to install a suitable domestic style model. There are also considerations such as commercial warranty and appropriate hospitality features.

With the rapid advances in hotel TV technology it is imperative you seek expert advice and explore all possibilities before signing that purchase order. The most expensive option is not necessarily the best. Conversely the cheapest option may end up costing you considerably more in the long run.
TV supply lead time – Hotel specific televisions can require 12 to 16 weeks lead time from order for large quantities so placing the TV order well in advance is a must. Even large orders for non-hotel specific TVs can take similar lead time if not in stock at the time of order.

Buy – lease or rent your new equipment?

There are many ways to finance your new equipment. Some of these could have benefits you may not have explored. It is worth discussing all possibilities as a tailored solution may alleviate the pain.

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