Education program will provide greater formal accreditation

ARAMA is about to launch a national-first induction training program for management rights.

The induction program will be the first accredited training program designed specifically for the management rights industry and will lead to a continuing process of professional development for ARAMA members in the future. While resident managers must study to obtain their minimum qualification, a restricted real estate agents licence – this has historically been the first step in the training program.

ARAMA branches across the state have, for many decades, had regular (usually monthly meetings) based around practical industry training and forums to progress regional issues as well as discuss industry growth and to hold legislation debates. In conjunction with regional TAFES, our members have attended weekly structured courses over a 12 week period, to provide professional development for managers to add to their onsite practical experiences to ensure that our industry practitioners are well acquainted, not just with the legislative requirements for which they are responsible, but also the relationship responsibilities with owners, investors, tenants and holidaymakers who occupy the buildings under management.

Many resident managers today, like myself, have come from corporate and business backgrounds and recognise and understand the need to utilise proven business practices and strategies to better control operations, costs and service expectations. No industry can stand still and as Queensland and Australia continue to embrace density living, it is incumbent on professional management to embrace effective management practices for the benefit of the investments they manage.

Hence we at ARAMA have committed to work towards an accreditation program over the next few years to better formalise the training and education of resident managers in line with the continuing increase throughout Australia of density living complexes, with management responsible for many millions, indeed hundreds of millions of constructed asset investment. Today’s resident managers are responsible for the day to day operations of many significant complexes and the focus is utilising complex management strategies to efficiently cost control 24/7 operations. The aim is to ensure the efficiency of the day-to-day operations and to maintain the capital asset to effectively return regular and long terms investment returns.

So we are starting on this long term program by ensuring that our first program Management Rights Induction Training will be a compact and interactive induction training workshop designed specifically for new and prospective entrants into the management rights industry. Further our program will be open and available to service providers, suppliers and professionals who are interested in learning more about the role of the resident manager and the management rights industry. Each session is presented in an individual and interactive style by a practising expert in their field.

There will be opportunities to learn from industry experts in a formal and less formal setting throughout the course. This ensures that the learning outcomes are more accentuated to the individual’s needs, learning pace and learning style. They will hear from the experts, learn from the experts and get all their questions answered by the experts, and this will be the theme of this first stage program.

We are partnering with a respected service provider who is recognised as a leader in property and real estate training. The first session is scheduled for 23 May at the REIQ training centre in Brisbane.

As I indicated, this is the first step towards national accreditation for the management rights industry and an exciting start to the build up of the education structure for our members and the resident managers of the future. We are working on this program with the REIQ who are recognised as leaders in property and real estate training. ARAMA will utilise the resources provided by the REIQ training division and their status as a RTO which is essential if we wish to deliver continuing professional development training programs that are accepted by industry stakeholders.

The next stages of the accreditation program will be developed in tandem with the current industry reviews associated with the legislative reviews by governments and the consultation with the key industry stakeholders including the various property industry sectors, investors, national and international tourist operators and owners.

There is a general recognition that modern complexes require a 24/7 specialist manager and as the representative group of the resident managers operating within the management rights industry we believe that the industry must be a corps of well trained and experienced professionals, with a comprehensive understanding not only of what makes their building operate well, but also ready to meet the requirements of what is an expanding industry dealing with owners and investors and their needs and expectations.

This is an exciting element of ARAMA’s long term strategy to provide complementary skills and insights for new and prospective managers seeking to enter the management rights industry.

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