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Give a Boost to Your Banqueting

Tired of burnt sauces, dry roasts and soggy pastas?

You are not alone. Achieving quality results often involves a tricky combination of meticulous temperature control and careful monitoring. Take too long and either the food is cold or the service is delayed. Too fast and you run the risk of spoilage, costing you time and money.

This is all set to change, with the arrival of the Frima VarioCooking Center Multificiency. After taking the European market by storm, the VarioCooking Center was launched at Melbourne’s Fine Food Show in 2012, where it took out the coveted best new equipment award.

Combining the functions of a tilting pan, kettle and deep-fat fryer, this multi-purpose cooking system allows chefs to boil, pan-fry and deep-fry all in one compact and convenient unit.

The patented VarioBoost heating system allows chefs to cook four times faster than conventional appliances, with a perfect result achieved every time due to the uniform heat distribution. Even sensitive products such as fish and custards are cooked to perfection, without sticking or scorching.

Equipped with an easy to use computerised control and monitoring system, the VarioCooking Control features a unique finishing function that allows the chef to gently bring large quantities of food up to ideal temperature, quickly and automatically without the risk of spoilage. It monitors the entire cooking process for the chef, eliminating time-consuming routine chores such as constant checking and temperature adjustments. This means that overcooking is impossible and spot on quality without supervision is guaranteed.

As fewer appliances are needed, you will also experience space savings of up to 30%. The extraordinary energy efficiency reduces power consumption by up to 40%. The unit also delivers reductions in water consumption, less food shrinkage and lower fat consumption.

Frima invites chefs to gain hands-on experience at a free live event, located throughout Australia. It’s a great opportunity to test drive the equipment with expert Frima chefs, who can answer questions and offer advice on how the VarioCooking Center can benefit their kitchen.

Executive chef, Mark Taylor recently attended one of the events and shared his experiences: “Not only is it a griddle for searing off food, it can be a fryer, boiler, pressure cooker, bratt pan or stockpot. You can set it up to cook super slow overnight on a probe or at the touch of a button it can heat up to 200°C in 90 seconds (our bratt pan can take up to 20 mins to heat up!) The saving in energy just for that reason is awesome plus not having someone waiting for it to heat up saves on labour too.

“It’s a very intelligent piece of equipment, no need to have water splashing out of it when ready to empty, press another button on the touch screen and it drains itself through the machine directly into your drainage system, eliminating the risk of someone getting burnt or scolded. Talking of water, it also fills itself with water once you have chosen the program from the simple to use touch panel.

“I saw it cook chicken and pasta together in a bechamel sauce and it didn’t catch one bit on the base, so the cleaning only took about 30 secs, with no chemicals either! Then crepes were made in one side while the other was used as a fryer to deep fry calamari. Next a chef cooked seared salmon, pork scotch, beef rib eye, chicken schnitzel, all perfectly seared but amazingly the rest of the pan hadn’t got overheated oil everywhere. Just where the food was, was where the heat seemed to be.

“He also cooked a semolina pudding – the milk was heated perfectly with no scorching on the base and again was so easy to clean after cooking. Nothing scorches or boils over as the thermal energy is transferred sensitively to the product and is constantly monitored by the built in cooking intelligence. The sides of the pan stay cool to the touch so the energy is just used at the base and on the product itself.”

“I can’t wait to be able to replace our old bratt pan and stock pot boilers with this innovative piece of equipment.”

To read more about Mark Taylor’s experiences at the Frima Cooking Lilve event, visit 

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