Give your textiles and linens the edge

Attention to detail is what gives the best accommodation providers their edge.

Even the loveliest room with the dreamiest of beds needs fine bed linen and textiles to be transformed into a luxurious haven. This sort of attention to detail exudes exclusivity and splendor.

Aside from a quality mattress, bed sheets and blankets are a major factor in determining a good night’s sleep; wrong choices can cause a guest to toss and turn all night. So what will provide each guest with a restful night’s sleep? Clean, crisp top quality linen and soft, snuggly blankets.

The value of a good nights sleep thanks to quality linen and textiles can not be emphasised enough. A bed is the most important piece of furniture in your guest’s room and so should be dressed with beautiful, freshly laundered linens with pleasing hues and patterns or in stunning white: the epitome of cleanliness.

When it comes to towels, who does not delight in the exquisite feeling that comes from stepping out of the shower and immediately being wrapped up in a thick, soft, warm bath towel? Guests respond best to the exuberant feel of Australia’s finest towels, where the feel of skin-friendly comfort and calming warmth is unsurpassed: the epitome of holiday relaxation.

But does ensuring your guests can enjoy restful slumber and relaxation come at a huge cost? You may want to provide your guests with the finest linens, blankets and towels but does fine quality have to be balanced against cost and durability?

Durability of textiles is the accommodation provider’s biggest challenge; the quality of the product needs to be good enough to seduce guests while tough enough to withstand the rigors of industrial washing; most importantly, they must ensure longevity. Frequent washing will break down even high-quality textiles so that they will have to be replaced when there is any sign of ageing, stains, fraying hems or fading. Guests want to feel as though they are the first guests to use this linen, so it needs to look and feel flawless.

Affordability is possibly the most important factor in this decision making process, accommodation providers need to purchase the very best and most durable product at the lowest price they can. Weighing up the pros and cons of each product before purchase is essential, so we spoke to high quality suppliers about their products.
HotelHome Australia claims that “commercial situations need commercial products, regardless of target market”. In other words it does not matter whether a property is a backpackers’ hostel or an exclusive hotel; all textiles and fabrics produced for the accommodation industry at HotelHome are manufactured to true commercial standards.

The HotelHome range includes Australian made and customised bed runners, cushions, bedcovers, towels, blankets, bathrobes and the best selling The Cloud feather/down mattress toppers plus the Durafleece blankets.

They also supply the popular premium Carlo 100% ring spun cotton designer blanket – a high-end blanket that is ideal for use in high-end properties, located in both coastal and city locations. This stylish and functional blanket is exceptionally warm and due to its magnificent appearance it tends to be used as a standalone bedcover.
HotelHome has its own extraordinary design department that constantly creates and develops new designs, styles and colour pallettes. Due to the challenge of designing products for a clientele that varies from traditional to ultra-modern, the fabrics presented have to offer maximum choice and incredible impact.

These customers not only demand individuality, creativity and that wow factor but also longevity, function, durability and expense.

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