Rainbow Beach anger over resort rejection

Scott Elms, president of the Rainbow Beach Commerce and Tourism Association says a court decision to reject a $1.5 billion beachfront development at Rainbow Beach on Queensland’s Cooloola Coast is a major loss for the industry, according to the ABC.

The Planning and Environment Court has ruled the controversial second stage of the Rainbow Shores development would have unacceptable impacts on flora and fauna and would conflict with local planning schemes.

“Our community should be deeply disappointed in these tough economic times that we’ve just lost a project that would have injected $1 billion in invested construction and opportunity for our region and some 2,000 jobs,” he said.
Mr Elms has written to premier Campbell Newman and asked him to intervene.

“Ironically, without this onerous court precedent, this development application if lodged today would never have seen a courtroom under the pro-economic development, pro-tourism Newman government,” Mr Elms said.
“The Newman government has already implemented a raft of changes to planning laws and regulations which would have a great impact on this development application.”

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