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Creating the WOW factor

The wow factor in a hotel/resort room should not just be the for now factor!

Wow factor in the accommodation sector should have a serious presence for at least two years or more and then the same look should still remain for another four to five years as very smart up-to-date décor that does not look old hat or out-of-date prematurely. It is very important for designers/decorators not to confuse the interior décor as a domestic scheme, whereas it should always be a long term commercial design.

True wow factor is best created using proper commercial quality long lasting fabrics in bed coverings, upholstery and also drapery, as well as the best design and colour scheme to suit the style, location and general clientele of the property.

A fabulous bed covering design and colour scheme that is created for an inner city urban hotel, catering primarily for the corporate market, will most often not be the best look or most serviceable option for a family friendly resort. When creating the wow factor, personal taste and the latest fads in colour and design need to be set aside. This does not mean that colour and design (in printed or woven fabrics) should be avoided, it just means that the correct colours and designs should be selected to suit your property and clientele.

Too many accessories on the bed is not necessarily going to create a wow factor. True wow factor can be achieved by simply combining well made, commercial quality cushions (with plump commercial inserts, that do not go flat after a few months) along with a properly constructed and manufactured bed runners, bed shawls, coverlets, cap-top or a clean white quilt covers/3rd flat sheet presentation.

Bedding trends – what’s new in hospitality bedding?

Luxurious chenille fabrics that feel and look like a super soft cut velvet however still perform like a heavy duty commercial chenille with washable options also available.

Piped cushions in assorted shapes and sizes including round, boxed and walled. Note. Hotel cushions are only as good as the inner used. Saving $2 on a cushion inner that is not commercial, is false economy and a total waste of a quality cover.

Quilted coverlets – although we did re-style the coverlet for accommodation many years ago now, this product is still used and is in demand especially for better end properties who want the flexibility to cover the whole mattress and offer additional warmth in winter and then
present the bed with exposed sheets and the coverlet folded at the end of the bed in summer.

Luxury – transforming a bed from boring to luxurious, where do I start?

Less is more – five cushions spread across a queen sized bed does not instantly make the bed look “luxurious”. By simply using better quality fabrics for your bed coverings and ensuring cushions are made with a true commercial quality insert, can add instant luxury to any bed and more often the bed will look cleaner (as true commercial quality fabrics will always present well after constant laundering and dry cleaning, unlike a cheaper fabric option.)

A lovely cushion outer made from a sophisticated woven fabric can be instantly destroyed when used in conjunction with a poor and hungry insert.

Remember a great looking bed is not enough, it must also feel unbelievably comfortable!

An instant transformation can be made by installing a true commercial feather down bed topper, such as the Cloud which has set the benchmark for bed comfort and guest satisfaction in accommodation. Even when used in conjunction with a basic commercial mattress, this addition gives the bed an instant super softness, with support and the ultimate in luxurious feel.

A quality hotel bed topper is the most talked about product from well-travelled guests staying in all levels of accommodation.

As long as the room décor and level of service is comparable to or better than the opposition accommodation in that area/city, it is the genuine hotel bed topper that brings guests back time after time.

Pillows – pillows can make or break the guest sleep experience, AMG investigates what to consider

A pillow needs to be shaped, for bed presentation whilst still offering enough loft and comfort to the guest. First impressions of pillows on a bed, do make a huge impression and it is important to select your pillows to reflect the standard of your property.

If your property is using king size beds, a larger Majestic King style pillow should be chosen with two (not three standard) across the width of the bed. These should be accessorised with standard sized pillows either in front or in the cupboard.

The days of accommodation properties using blown polyester pillows with S/R covers from a local retail store or general on seller, has long gone. The pillow has become a major focus with all travellers, from overnight corporates to tradespeople and holiday makers. All guests are now fussy and know what they want and expect from their pillow. Accommodation pillows should be constructed from a minimum of layered polyester fibre and then moving up to Microball technology, 0.7D microfibre and of course down, which becomes more restrictive with laundering and price. Naturally all accommodation pillows no matter what the fill, must be covered in a square weave or japara 100% cotton quality.

Commercially, there is a huge range of pillows to choose from at sensible price points and property managers should invest more time in ensuring they have made the correct selection.

All of these individual components are vital when you are serious about creating true wow factor!

By Erin Coman-Beckett, HotelHome Design Director

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